High Lift Devices Coming

gepostet am August 24, 2013

High Lift Coming 
Slats and Flaps are beeing installed for test purposes

To make take-off easier for the first flights we are preparing tests of several high lift configurations. Those deviced are for the prototype only to maximize safety and get off the ground earlier.

More information and pictures are soon to come on Facebook


Unmanned Skyflash takes off!
gepostet am June 11, 2013


Project Skyflash lifts off and is flying totally stable without pilot!

The Team is enthusiastic: After several problems during preparations Skyflash lifts off perfectly for the ‘Discovery Channel’ crew that flew from Canada to Germany for this event. A height of 1,50m and a distance of 35m are a clear proof of the airworthyness of the concept - Especially since there was no pilot controlling the airplane. He has been replaced by 80kg of steel that represent only his physical weight.

World´s best engines for Skyflash!

gepostet am June 02, 2013

BF News2 
German “BF-Turbines” is new partner of team Skyflash

We are very happy to announce that german ‘BF-Turbines’ is the new engine-partner for Skyflash. The B300F is the most efficient, yet powerful and robust engine worldwide. Team Skyflash is now making a big step forward towards the first-flight!

For more information please visit our partner at: www.bf-turbines.de


Skyflash passes Crosswindtests

gepostet am May 02, 2013

Rolling at 15,5mph Crosswind and Rotationspeed

During current preparations for the first flight, beside of highspeedtests, our pilot has to practice behaviour in case of crosswinds and gusts. Our latest video shows the tests with pilot lifting the nose up a bit while still staying on the 6ft wide track.


Spring has come - Testing begins

gepostet am April 24, 2013

News Restart Fruehling 
Finally the work towards the first flight can continue!

The winter here in germany stayed way longer than expected. This meant that we had to wait for better weather to test our new undercarriage and V-tail. Only by now, towards the end of april, the winter and snow have finally gone. So, with new energy and motivation, we start the tests and hope to continue the program as planned. 

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