Team Skyflash Needs Your Support!

gepostet am March 06, 2013

Donate Autographed Skyflash Frame for Every Donation of 75$ or More

Our project has come to a point were we feel that we can begin to take on the challenge of the first flight preparations. To prepare our pilot and the Skyflash for this event we need to install a parachute system and several new safety and flight surveillance systems. Help us making the dream reality!
Each donation helps us to cope with this thousands of dollars of investments. Every donator of 75$ or more receives a scaled, CNC machined frame with dedication and signature by our pilot Fritz Unger as gift (US, EU, RU only).
Please use the ‘PayPal Donate’ button at the top of our website for donations.


‘First Hop’ Successful, Video on Youtube!

gepostet am February 27, 2013


Video of the 02/26/13 high-speed tests is online. After a night of viewing, cutting and again viewing we have finished the first video showing today´s tests. Sure is the pilot had lots of fun and he was fast - very fast..
Have your own look at the tests with our new video =)

You can also find our pilots report right here: REPORTS

Project Skyflash achieved ‘First Hop’
gepostet am February 26, 2013

First Hop 26_02_13

Project Skyflash took all wheels off the ground for the first time!

Today, during the high-speed runs, our pilot was convinced that he left the ground when performing full-pitch tests at 55kph. “For moments the gear vibration was gone and the ride become much smoother... I must have been airborne!” he told the team. Now, after checking the brand new under-wing camera we can tell that he was right: Project Skyflash is off the ground. Even if its only for some short moments!

Skyflash in Russia!

gepostet am February 26, 2013

Skyflash Russia Russian Website features Skyflash in an Article

Although no one in our team is able to read it we are of course very happy about this russian article. We will trust in the google translator saying that it is a very nice article with quite some detail.
If you are russian and understand it - Let us know how you like it =) Reports

gepostet am February 24, 2013

Gizmag_com Award Winning Author David Szondy Reports for

We expected some nice weekend not prepared for what happened when popular ‘GizMag’ blog reported from washington today. The great article from author David Szondy contains more than 70 pictures and  displays our concept and some details.
Thank you all for so many interested and motivating mails and comments!


Jet Pack Snow Blower On Trendhunter

gepostet am February 22, 2013

Trendhunter_No1 Project Skyflash again no. 1 on the biggest trendhunting platform!

Project Skyflash has been covered on Trendhunter again. The snow blowing action, created for the Discovery Channel, seems to be even more crazy than we thought...

Just as last time we are very happy about the success and hope for more interested viewers and for spring with better weather to come!

All clear..?

gepostet am February 19, 2013

Frage des TagesFB The “Question of the Day” answers your Skyflash related questions on Facebook

During the last weeks it became more and more difficult to answer all of the questions you send us every day. The number of requests is simply too much for a team like ours is, especially when trying to answer each one personally.

This is why we launched the “Question of the Day” on Facebook. Each day our team is answering a new question. So if anything is unclear for you: Send us a mail or Facebook-message and we´ll answer it - No matter if it´s related to the technical part, the idea itself or the team.

Skyflash on Discovery Channel...

gepostet am February 14, 2013

Discovery 1 Work is done, Segment Broadcasted!

Some of you already asked if we are in trouble or if something is wrong. We are glad to tell you that everything is alright and we spent our time working together with the Discovery Channel working on a great report on the Skyflash!
Yesterday it was broadcasted in one of the most known primetime TV-Shows “Daily Planet”. Everyone living in north america can already watch the broadcast right here:
We are working to find a solution for everyone from europe. Stay tuned!

Skyflash ‘On Air’

gepostet am January 21, 2013

16938598,14164856,medRes,maxh,234,maxw,234,7F84B29F1D944F4AA81E91DB44334FC9 Radio Energy reporting from the homecountry of Yve Rossy

This morning radio energy host Roger Schürch called the skyflash team from switzerland to ask what makes us so special. He was especially interested in our pilots stories telling him what feeling it is to fly this plane. He also expects us to be in the next James Bond movie with some great action scenes :-p

We´ll see what we can do...


Work continues...

gepostet am January 20, 2013

Turbine Second engine arrived and wingbody is beeing prepared

After a few days of test-data analysis the first engine was dismounted from the wingbody this weekend. The wingbody received several improvements after this.
Also the second engine arrived by the end of last week. It has been tested and prepared for the installation into the wingbody.

Frequently asked question: The white substance between thrust-pipe and wingbody that some of you recognized in our videos, is a special two-component adhesive filler paste capable of resisting the very high pipe temperatures and insulating the wingbody from this heat.

Report Section is Online

gepostet am January 16, 2013

ReportsSection Visit our Report-Section at Tech > Reports

Finally, and as announced in some forums, our first report is uploaded in the new “Reports” section of Our reports will give you some insights in what is happening and what the team and our pilot are experiencing.

We hope you´ll find answers for some of your most common questions and make an image of how we work :-)

Reports Section

Lift-Off Speed reached!

gepostet am January 15, 2013

liftoffspeed At 32mph the Skyflash begins to hover from the ground

With todays high-speed taxi runs we were able to reach the hovering speed of the skyflash. At about 32mph the Skyflash hovers off the ground but can´t be pointed skywards without its elevator-rudder which has not been installed yet. Also the pilot has to work to keep the plane going straight because of the asymmetric thrust-forces. Next step will be the mounting of the second engine to proceed with the test program.

Until yet the Skyflash is fulfilling all our expectations with only minor problems to solve. Make sure you see our latest video showing todays tests!

Worldwide Feedback on Skyflash

gepostet am January 11, 2013

Trendhunter_No1 Projekt Skyflash is No. 1 on the planets biggest trendhunting platform!

On january 10th the worldst biggest trendscouting platform “” has published the Skyflash. Within the first 24 hours it became no.1 article in four categories including “Tech” with hundreds of views per hour and a viral spreading. 
Each hour more interested viewers are learning about our dream and approach to it.

We are very happy about the success and hope for more interested viewers and - of course - for better weather to continue our work with even more motivation!

First Taxi Tests!

gepostet am January 8, 2013

TexiTest First Taxi-Tests with 31mph successful

On January 7th first taxi-tests could be carried out in low winds and calm weather. Above 30mph the pilot had to take significant efforts to prevent the plane from hovering. Stability and controlability were very good and the pilot had no problems keeping the plane were he want´s it. Further tests will be carried out soon!

Our new album “Tests” will start on facebook!

Youtube - Skyflash Walking
Skyflash - First Jet Runs

Roll-Out successful!

gepostet am January 5, 2013

rolloutYesterday, just after sunset, the pilot was coupled with the airplane first time!

First all connections had to be checked. Airframe had to be mounted together and gaps to be taped. Then, after two hours of tests, the pilot was mounted to the Skyflash by four team members.
During the following test procedures the pilot was capable of walking and even running without any problems. Almost any movement of the body had an effect on the plane - The pilot really could move the wings just like a part of his body!

Latest pictures on facebook!

Skyflash 40 years ago...

gepostet am January 3, 2013

Strap on Plane 70sHow people in the 70´s imagined the future of flying

Somehow a bit futuristic this image, printed in the popular mechanics magazine by 1970, must have appeared to the viewers... With all its flight-computers, microjets and aerodynamic features it was just a bit too complex for its time - It has never been build. Watch the original article and picture on facebook!

40 years later, due to modern computers, the whole thing is possible without flight-computer and complex systems... A lot more calculations can be done when designing the plane thus making the whole concept easier. So - back to the roots - in a somehow unusual way =)

Both wings are finished!

gepostet am January 2, 2013

Wing readyWings are ready for take-off

It took a bit more time than expected but finally we managed to finalize our second wing. Both wings together weigh in at about 14lb and have become very rigid and sturdy. All tolerances have been kept below 1mm =)

Now everything that´s left to do before the roll out is getting the pilots-mounting ready to use. As always: Don´t miss our latest pictures on facebook!

First Wing is covered!

gepostet am December 30, 2012

wing coveredCovering and turbulators are applied

More or less over the night the team has finished the covering of the first wing. The outer wings came first, then the main wing and finally the turblators were applied.

The whole story in pictures on Facebook. Don´t miss it!

First View on Skyflash!

gepostet am December 29, 2012

Skyflash FrameworkFramework is put together first time!

After more than two years of preparation the Skyflash is standing in front of the designer and builder team. About 1000 hours of work have been invested in its components. What you can´t see is that one wing still needs to be glued and processed.

Be sure you don´t miss our newest pictures of the mounted Skyflash at Facebook!

The wings are almost done!

gepostet am December 27, 2012

Wings UCFrameworks of both wings are almost done

We couldn´t stop working totally during christmas holidays. The results are two almost finished wing-frameworks. We hope to be able to connect all parts together tomorrow or the day after tomorrow- This will be the first time we can see the dimensions of the Skyflash!
But there will still be a lot of work to do on the framework after that before the covering can start...

Our first video is online!

gepostet am December 22, 2012

Pure Power JetSteering- and Stabilitytests on Youtube

The very first tests of steering and stabilitycontrol and the first impressions of our pilot with his new aircraft too, have been captured on video. Watch us going more than 30mph with very good stability:

Youtube, first tests

Wingbody-Tests begin...

gepostet am December 20, 2012

First WingbodytestFirst engine and pressurized fuel tanks are installed

The workforce had been fully concentrated on getting the wingbody prepared for its first engine and roll and control experiments. Beside you see our pilot beeing pushed forward during the first engine start-up.

Next steps will be piloted stability and controlability as well as security testings. Stay tuned, our first test video is soon to come!

First Turbojet arrived!

gepostet am December 19, 2012

TurbineInstallation of first engine into the wingbody starts

Finally our first 80hp jet engine arrived at the workshop. For the second one we will still have to wait some time.
Thrust output is slightly above 26lbf at about 1000mph jet speed. Build into the wingbody this jet will be forced through a 0,5m long pipe, thus creating a bypass which increases the thrust output to about 40lbf.

To get a first impression of the working conditions we will first finish the wingbody before continuing work on the wings.

Construction works start on first outer wing...

gepostet am December 17, 2012

Outer Wing rRight now the very first outer wing is under construction

Build on two 11mm glasfiber spars, the first outer wing sections are beeing constructed at the moment. Just like all others, these frames need to be prepared and polished before beeing installed. After that, the framework is build up on the spars. 22 stringers each wing are attached to stabilize the structure.
After completing this work, each outer wing section is dismounted (pulled out) from the main wing to be finished separately.

In the background you see the left main wing with most stringers already attached. There´s still a lot of work to be done..

First main wing to be constructed

gepostet am December 16, 2012

Tragfläche beginntThe construction of the first main wing section will start today

Each main wing section generally consists of 20 frames, 2 main spars and 3 glasfiber support spars. Each main spar is made of 40mm beech corewood.
Later on 30 supporting stringers will be attached to each main wing as well.

You will find a lot of pictures and information on our facebook page. Visit us there!



The new logo is here!

gepostet am December 15, 2012

Banner_SkyflashOur new Skyflash logo design is now finished

More than 30 drafts have reached us from the designers. The winning design has been selected unanimous!

From now on the logo will be visible at facebook, twitter, youtube and our website of course. Thanks a lot again from this position to all designers which sent us their drafts!


Wingbody Framework Finished!

gepostet am December 14, 2012

Wingbody FrameworkThe internal framework of 30 frames is completed!

The Wingbody will house the engines, computer and pilot mounting. It´s made of 41mm tube in which the main spars will be inserted, a 40mm beech corewood spar, 12 wooden and 4 glasfiber spars.

When all glued parts are hardened we´ll start the sanding and finishing process.


Let the construction begin...

gepostet am December 12, 2012

BaustartFinally the last CNC machined parts habe arrived from bochum. So we can finally say: Let´s do it!

All preparations have been finished and 40m² of living space have been converted into a Skyflash workshop. Within the next week we will work on the project every day to get it ready for roll out until the end of the year!

We also launched a new facebook photo album called “Construction Process” showing you lots of pictures and daily progress information.



Webbase finally online!

gepostet am December 3, 2012 webbase finally starts online

Since we are waiting for our CNC parts we have finished getting the skyflash website online. From now on you will find all new pictures, videos and information right here on ! We will also bring fresh news first from the work-shop and later on from the runway to you by twitter. So don´t forget to follow us!



New logo coming...

gepostet am November 21, 2012

Under ConstructionThe new Skyflash logo is currently in development

The decision was made just two days ago when members of the skyflash team were thinking about the idea to create a logo for the project. The design should reflect all our ambitions and passion so we decided to work with one of germany´s most known crowdsourcing platforms.

Currently more than 70 designers are creating drafts for a new logo which you all will be able to see on our website as soon as it is ready.