Freedom. Unlimited. Flying.

Skyflash is a revolutionary, german based aircraft project.
Our dream is a totally unlimited flying between the clouds. Glide with your own body… Le
t yourself merge with the wings.

Two microjets let you speed through the sky with more than 200 miles per hour.

The Skyflash shall be easily transported to your local airstrip and put together there with just a few strokes of work. You take off lying comfortably on your 10” offroad landing gear. After just a few moments you get airborne, harvesting the power of the two turbojet engines working in your back.

Now everything responds to the actions of your body. A slight motion of your finger accelerates. Outstretching your arm starts a turn. Finally bend your knees and accelerate skywards.

Limitless. Freedom.

Landing works the same way you took off. But until that moment has come, you share boundless freedom with nothing but the clouds and the limitless sky. In case of an emergency you land safely using your total recovery parachute system.

Working for this idea is the greatest pleasure of our lives which we work for more than five years now. Please follow us if you share this aviational dream!

Your Skyflash Team!




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So please understand the need for those banners and thank you for every dollar you donate to our work and passion!