Skyflash In Russian TV!

gepostet am June 04, 2013

1TV Ru 
Team Skyflash has been broadcasted through out the whole russian speaking world today. The russian national television was broadcasting an interesting piece for which not only the cameraman was almost burning his cam in the hot engine exhaust, but our pilot also had some trouble with the totally unsuitable runway. 

Thanks a lot to the 1TV team for interesting shoots and the long journey!

Skyflash in ‘Wings, The Magazine’

gepostet am April 25, 2013

Fluegel_Magazin Presse 
On schedule with the late begin of spring, team Skyflash began tests for V-tail and undercarriage. Simultaneously the known german ‘Wings’ magazine published an article and brought new interested followers and fans to the project.

Thanks to the ‘Wings’ team for a nice report =)

‘First Hop’ in Media

gepostet am March 06, 2013

 Skyflash awakens interest worldwide

- Korean News
- Discovery Channel South America
- German ‘Engadget’
- Portuguese News
- US ‘Extreme Tech’ Magazine
- US ‘Right this Minute’ TV show

Skyflash is covered worlwide

gepostet am February 28, 2013

Now, only two days after our first hop we are happy to say that the idea of Skyflash inspires people all over the planet. Here is just a small excerpt of sites covering us including the latest Youtube video with more than 3000 thumbs up:
- UK Gizmodo
- US PopSci Blog
- French Tuxboard
- German Shortnews
- Norwegian Nettavisen
- Russian Ledcom
- AppleDaily China
- Arabic Newspaper
- South America Discovery Channel

Famous c|net reports on First-Hop

gepostet am February 27, 2013


Skyflashs first hover into the element it is designed for has reached a spectacular broad audience. Thousands of comments, twitter-shares, facebook-marks show us an unbelievable support for the project. One of the first to report on our ‘First Hop’ was the famous c|net.

We have also recently been covered in:
- The Dvice Tech-Blog
- The New York PFSK Laboratories


Skyflash in UK Daily Mail

gepostet am February 26, 2013

Daily Mail bericht Popular Daily Mail Reports On Skyflash

First we were a bit shocked when we opened our mail folder after todays ‘First Hop’. Then we realized that we have just been covered with a full report in the UK´s Daily Mail “Science and Tech” section. The impact was gigantic and we try to cope with all the mails and requests coming in.


Airwingmedia Reports

gepostet am February 26, 2013

Airwingmediabericht Team Skyflash Is In International Interest

Today, beside of some spanish and russian reports, team skyflash was featured on the known Airwingmedia website. The company is known for several TV reports which have been done for the BBC for example.


Skyflash in Russia!

gepostet am February 25, 2013

Skyflash Russia Russian Website features Skyflash in an Article

Although no one in our team is able to read it we are of course very happy about this russian article. We will trust in the google translator saying that it is a very nice article with quite some detail.
If you are russian and understand it - Let us know how you like it =) Reports

gepostet am February 24, 2013

Gizmag_com Award Winning Author David Szondy Reports for

We expected some nice weekend not prepared for what happened when popular ‘GizMag’ blog reported from washington today. The great article from author David Szondy contains more than 70 pictures and  displays our concept and some details.
Thank you all for so many interested and motivating mails and comments!


Jet Pack Snow Blower On Trendhunter

gepostet am February 22, 2013

Trendhunter_No1 Project Skyflash again no. 1 on the biggest trendhunting platform!

Project Skyflash has been covered on Trendhunter again. The snow blowing action, created for the Discovery Channel, seems to be even more crazy than we thought...

Just as last time we are very happy about the success and hope for more interested viewers and for spring with better weather to come!

Skyflash on Discovery Channel...

gepostet am February 14, 2013

Discovery 1 Work is done, Segment Broadcasted!

Some of you already asked if we are in trouble or if something is wrong. We are glad to tell you that everything is alright and we spent our time working together with the Discovery Channel working on a great report on the Skyflash!
Yesterday it was broadcasted in one of the most known primetime TV-Shows “Daily Planet”. Everyone living in north america can already watch the broadcast right here:

Skyflash ‘On Air’

gepostet am January 21, 2013

16938598,14164856,medRes,maxh,234,maxw,234,7F84B29F1D944F4AA81E91DB44334FC9 Radio Energy reporting from the homecountry of Yve Rossy

This morning radio energy host Roger Schürch called the skyflash team from switzerland to ask what makes us so special. He was especially interested in our pilots stories telling him what feeling it is to fly this plane. He also expects us to be in the next James Bond movie with some great action scenes :-p

We´ll see what we can do...


Worldwide Feedback on Skyflash

gepostet am January 11, 2013

Trendhunter_No1 Projekt Skyflash is No. 1 on the planets biggest trendhunting platform!

On january 10th the worldst biggest trendscouting platform “” has published the Skyflash. Within the first 24 hours it became no.1 article in four categories including “Tech” with hundreds of views per hour and a viral spreading. 
Each hour more interested viewers are learning about our dream and approach to it.

We are very happy about the success and hope for more interested viewers and - of course - for better weather to continue our work with even more motivation!