Development of all 1:1 blueprints and digital assembly (for excercise)
Material testing and  definition for the Skyflash
Calculation of engine mount, center of gravity  and pilot mount
Development of the landing gear for the Skyflash
Order for CNC-shaping of frames etc. and acquisition of all components
Development of checklists and operating procedures for construction and first test phase

Start of construction works ? :-)


Revision of the concept with modern airfoils and data acquired by computer-based airfoil calculation
Construction of a 3D-model and detailed planning of the Skyflash
Manufacturing of CNC-patterns for a 1:4 model made of 2mm aviation plywood
Construction of the CNC-model visualization and testing purpose
Testing of all parts and details on the model
Check of CNC-cut availability and strengh of main spar, stringers, frames etc. for 1:1 prototype

Construction of 2/3 plywood gliding model for evaluation of center of gravity and characteristics
Accomplishment of 50 to 60 testflights near hanover with maximum distances of 50 feet and 5 feet height
Rework of the design and the airfoils with experiences gained by the flight tests


Development of a wind tunnel model made of aluminium together with Airbus in Friedrichshafen
Testing of the model in an improvised wind tunnel
Field experiments with a homemade glider for affirmation of several fundamental assumptions



The dream of total freedom of flight first evaluates as a plane with little wingspan in initial sketches and ideas